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Can You Live in a Cabin Permanently?

Cabins are incredible building structures that can be used for various purposes. Most people build a cabin if they need extra space, whether a spare room, an office, or a gym. Usually, log cabins are made for temporary accommodation, but it is not necessary. A cabin can surely be used for permanent purposes because it is well-built and shields you from extreme weather conditions and numerous other elements.

One of the major reasons you can live in a custom cabin permanently is that it can last for years, decades, or even centuries, depending on the build quality and maintenance. In some countries like UK and Scotland, cabins are usually built in remote areas, but it is quite common to find cabins in gardens. Building a cabin as a part of your home or on any individual property is a great investment. Because of its long lifespan, your coming generations will enjoy the perfectly built cabin.

If you want to know more about cabins and whether you can live in them permanently, here is a comprehensive guide. And if you have made the decision and are looking for some pre-built cabins for sale or want to build a new one from scratch, Mission Valley Sheds LLC has covered you all.

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Is Living in a Cabin Cheaper?

The cost of living in a cabin depends on various factors, including personal choices. Building a cabin is much cheaper than building a whole house, and living in it is more reasonable. Building a cabin is majorly dependent on land costs where you are planning to make the cabin. If you are building it on a property that you already own, it will be much cheaper. Consider purchasing pre-built cabins that are also quite cost-effective.

As cabins are smaller spaces, living in them is much cheaper as they help you save a lot of energy costs. On the other hand, larger areas or homes require more energy as they have more appliances and equipment, which is not the case in a cabin. Moreover, most cabins have solar panel systems, which cut out all your energy costs. Moreover, cabins require less expensive maintenance and upkeep than a house. So, living in a cabin is cheaper than living in a home.

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Are Log Cabins Healthy to Live?

Living in a cabin ensures various benefits, and you will be surprised to know that health benefits might be one of the major ones. Let’s discuss some of the human health benefits of living in a cabin in detail:

Improved Respiratory Health

Log cabins are usually built in remote areas such as woods or the gardens of homes. Logs are known for storing carbons and controlling humidity, so cabins made of logs offer better air circulation. Therefore, it provides enhanced air quality and reduces the need to use air filters, purifiers, and dehumidifiers.

The solid wood walls are responsible for trapping and releasing moisture in a regulatory manner, making the cabin air healthier for humans to breathe in. Therefore, living in a cabin improves your respiratory health and reduces the risk of allergies.

Better Mental Health

The natural and serene environment and aesthetic that log cabins provide are highly beneficial for the mental health of its residents. Even if you have some wood in the interior of your home, you will notice how aesthetically pleasing and tranquil it might feel, and a log cabin is all wood, so you know how peaceful it might feel.

Because of its calming ambiance, a log cabin is known to help with various mental illnesses, including stress, anxiety, and depression. In addition, many studies have proven that living in a cabin permanently is very good for your mental health and help eliminate stress.

Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Log cabins are very environmental-friendly. Log cabins are made of renewable materials, which is why they have less impact on the environment than bricks or stones. Utilizing eco-friendly elements in your daily routine has a great impact on your physical and mental health too.

According to the studies, people who live in an eco-friendly environment tend to be happier and more peaceful than those who do not live in such an environment. This is why many people are considering an eco-friendly lifestyle, which is easily possible through a log cabin.

Natural Insulation

Wood has natural insulation properties. Therefore, the log cabin offers a pleasant temperature inside at all times. No matter the temperature outside, wood tends to maintain a consistent temperature inside because of its heat-storing properties. Because there is very little heat loss, the temperature inside the cabin remains stable and pleasant even when it is cold outside.

It also stabilizes the temperature of people inside the cabin, which greatly benefits their health. Not only that, but the natural insulation property of log cabins also made them more energy efficient.

Provides Active Lifestyle

Log cabins are usually built in remote and natural areas like wood, mountains, or beside lakes. Therefore, with the variety of easily available outdoor activities, living in a log cabin promotes an active lifestyle with many outdoor recreational options.

People who live in cabins tend to avoid televisions and other technology leisure and spend most of their free time enjoying the outdoors and the beauty of nature. An active lifestyle means better physical and mental health. Consider investing in a log cabin if you want an active lifestyle and outdoor activities.


Tips for Living in a Cabin Permanently

Are you considering living in a cabin permanently? No doubt it is a great choice with all of its health benefits and exceptional lifestyle that it offers. But, if you are looking for tips to help you live comfortably in a log cabin permanently, we are here to help you through. So, let’s not waste any more time and get to the tips that will help you greatly if you look forward to living in a cabin permanently.

Make Sure Your Floor Plan is Functional

Most cabins are built as summer or winter vacation homes. Therefore, they are explicitly designed for spending lesser time indoors, and their floor plans are a big reflection of this factor. Consequently, you will have to transition your cabin from a vacation home to a full-time residence if you plan on living in it permanently.

To make your floor plan functional, you will have to create areas for all the places a traditional home will have, including the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bedroom. Then, you can fix a particular area for every room and choose the furniture accordingly. This is what will make your cabin comfortable throughout the year.

Increase Storage Space

Living in a small space demands maximized storage. You can easily maximize storage by putting away the items that are not required for the particular season. Pack and put away the things you will not need in the coming season as the season ends. For example, as the summer season ends, you must put away all the summer clothing and relative season decors to free up space for coming season clothing and décor.

You can also use creative and handy methods to maximize your storage space and create new space wherever possible. For example, to increase the storage space in your cabin, you can use multi-functional furniture, tall bookshelves, and convenient décor items that take up less space and makes your space look spacious.

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Prepare Your Cabin for Winter Season

When living in a cabin permanently, preparing for the winter might require effort and time. But you don’t have to worry because you will be fine throughout the season with the appropriate heating system and careful preparations. However, it would help if you considered certain things before the winter season knocks on your cabin. These things include proper maintenance and adequate heating and insulation system.
To prepare your cabin for the winter season, look if there are any holes or maintenance work that you need to do before the season arrives. Moreover, make sure to check the roof and foundation of your log cabin, too, and clean gutters and downspouts. Cleaning your chimney is also necessary before the cold weather hits.
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How can You Make Your Log Cabin Last Longer?

Once you decide to live in the cabin permanently, you will have to ensure that you pay attention to the maintenance of the cabin so that it lasts for a lifetime. One of the most important tips experts give is to keep your log dry no matter what, as the moisture can be devastating for the log. There are various ways to keep your logs dry, including covered decks, landscaping, and long roof overhangs. Moreover, sprinkling systems should also be avoided in log cabins.

Every log cabin owner must know the importance of prudent designs. Good quality cabin designs come with large overhangs, sloping the grade away, and planning so that water and sun don’t reach it directly. Not only should that, but the logs also be 1 ½ inch above the ground so that it doesn’t soak in any moisture. Finally, staining and other wood preservation methods protect your cabin’s wood.

Is the Maintenance of Log Cabins Easy?

Will the log cabins be easy to maintain if you choose to live in them permanently? Don’t worry, and log cabins are relatively easy to maintain. Even though they require proper care and maintenance, their maintenance is easier. They can be easily maintained with the help of the right ways. Your log cabin greatly affects the effort you will need to maintain and clean your log cabin. With a convenient design, you can reach every nook and cranny and effectively clean it.

Moreover, it is also important to provide good staining to your log cabin to avoid any damage or infestation with time. Along with the exterior or walls, you must also maintain the interior of your log cabin if you want to live there permanently without any inconvenience. It would help if you also refreshed the paint coats on the cabin’s exterior to protect it from harmful elements.

Do you want to build a custom cabin, or are you looking for pre-built cabins for sale? Mission Valley Sheds LLC has got you all covered. We are the best custom cabin builder near Kalispell, Ronan, and Missoula, MT. From the center and side cabins to standard cabins with porches and wraparound porches, we deal in all kinds of pre-built and custom-built cabins.

We at Mission Valley Shed LLC ensure to provide the highest quality services so that you get the perfect cabins that will efficiently fulfill your requirements. You only have to call us, and our professionals will take care of everything for you, from construction to delivery. Once you have trusted us, you will be satisfied with our exceptional cabin-building services.

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Final Thoughts

You might have seen many remote cabins built as vacation homes and might even love staying in those cabins. This will make you consider whether you can live in these cabins permanently. You can easily live in a cabin Log cabins provide a healthy lifestyle with many outdoor activities for adventure lovers.

It is time to satisfy your outdoorsy spirit that craves a healthy lifestyle by living in a cabin. With proper maintenance and cleaning, you will not face any inconvenience while living in a cabin permanently. So, it is time to invest in a cozy little cabin and have the best time.

custom cabin sales
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