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Do you want to have an extra portable storage place? If yes, portable storage buildings are reliable for storing different things. Most portable buildings come in the form of wooden structures that keep portable buildings outstanding from others. A mobile design is used for storage buildings to facilitate storing valuable items anywhere in the garage, backyard, or on any other property.

Due to their many uses, these outdoor portable buildings have gained immense popularity. Whether you are looking for a hut, cottage, garden shed, barn, or garage, you can get all these outdoor buildings as portable ones. No matter which size and design of portable buildings you want, pick your customized options from the portable buildings near Kalispell, MT.

In this blog, we will discuss some key factors to consider for purchasing the best portable storage buildings and their benefits.

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Factors to Consider While Buying a Portable Storage Building

Once you buy a storage building, you must know its usage. Before moving ahead, take some time to narrow down the properties of your dream outdoor shed, cottage, or hut. Following are some key factors you need to consider while picking up the right storage building:

Building Size

Portable buildings are available in different sizes depending on the type of building. The size of portable buildings depends upon your requirements. An 8 by 8-foot structure can be sufficient if you want a small outdoor playhouse. But the same size is not suitable for office space or storage of heavy-duty equipment.

Building Material

Another important pillar impacting portable buildings’ overall worth and quality is their material. Common materials for constructing portable buildings are wood, metal, and resin. Wooden buildings are reliable due to their high strength and long-term durability. Metal sheds are rot-resistant as well as insect-resistant. However, there is no need for the maintenance of lightweight resin sheds. Save upfront maintenance costs by picking up the storage building of premium material.

Building Shape

It’s very important to choose the shape of your portable building in alignment with your needs. Many moveable buildings have rectangular or square shape designs. It also depends upon in which area or place you want to place your shed or barn. That’s why some portable buildings come with various window options while others have spaces for a porch-like setup.

Climatic Conditions

People usually ignore the weather conditions while purchasing portable buildings. But it’s essential to determine the climatic situation to determine whether this area is suitable for the construction and assemblage of portable buildings. One can evaluate the need for additional features by looking at the climatic conditions. For example, a mobile storage place must have a gutter if its installation area remains constantly exposed to snow or rain.

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Building Color

The color of the building is also very important to choose when picking up an outdoor playhouse for your children. It also depends upon your choices and needs. If you want the color of a portable building complimenting your house, choose accordingly. Go with vibrant colors for the playhouse and decent colors for the office place.


Considering your budget is also very important for purchasing your portable building. Buying on a budget does not mean picking up low-quality cheap portable buildings for storage. Always prefer those sheds and cottages which can run for a long time without replacement and heavy maintenance.
Existing Structures

Already existing structures and framework of your property also impact which type of outdoor storage fits you. If you place a traditional shed in the backyard of a modern house, it will seem odd. That’s why we emphasize the importance of existing structures to match the compatibility of your building materials with the existing ones.

Delivery Mode

If you are buying a modular building, you should check out its delivery Mode before finalizing it. It is impossible for you to pick it up on your own. When you’re sure about getting delivery, confirm that there is no additional fee for the portable buildings. To get delivery of portable storage buildings in a few days, contact portable buildings near Kalispell.

How much do portable storage buildings cost?

The answer to this question is sometimes different. Because the cost of outdoor storage building depends upon requirements, size, design, quality, and material used. However, the average price of a small prefab building is $800. This cost can also be $8000 if you want a custom double-story storage building. 

No worries at all if you are unable to afford these expensive portable sheds and barns. You can still have them but make some adjustments. You only need to narrow down your demands to purchase the one in your budget. Do you want to learn how to reduce the cost of a portable building? Let’s read the tactics for controlling portable building costs.

Tactics To Reduce Cost of Portable Buildings

Following are some of the tips to minimize the purchasing cost of your portable building:

Choose a Durable, Portable Building

Whenever you choose a durable storage building, you save money even by paying more. If your installation does not damage after every 4 months, there will be no need for maintenance. Spending a little bit higher upfront cost for purchasing a building can save you from long-term maintenance costs.

Demand Additional Features Mentioned in the Cost

It’s a common misconception that demanding additional features will cost you more. When you visit the market, you will realize that there are many portable buildings with other features at no extra cost.

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No doubt that some companies charge extra costs for additional features. But you can enjoy all the amazing features at the standard price by picking your customized building from repo portable buildings near Columbia Falls, Libby, Ronan, & Missoula, MT.

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People often commit mistakes while purchasing portable buildings. If you have no experience building and buying such storage areas, seek an expert’s consultation. Here are some of the mistakes that you need to avoid while picking up a portable building:

Choosing the Cheapest Option

No doubt that sticking to a budget is great, but compromising quality for less cost is not wise. Purchasing a low-quality portable shed or cottage will give you nothing else than disappointment.

For homeowners and businesses, sheds, garages, and other storage buildings are meant to be long-term. Going with the option of premium-quality buildings means you keep yourself free from replacement and maintenance costs. Avoid choosing the cheapest options for your outdoor facilities to keep them usable for a long time.

Purchasing Buildings of Inappropriate Size

Another common mistake is purchasing a shed, barn, or garage of the wrong size. Just think about a situation when you buy a building with less than enough space to store your things. An alternative position is when your building size is larger for the property on which you want to install it.

What can you do if you want to store more things in a building installed in a small place? There is the possibility of storing all tools, equipment, and accessories you want to keep in your garage by installing a two-story portable building. That’s the only way in which you can get large storage in a small space. Make sure to pick up a mobile installation of a suitable size.

Building An Improper Foundation

A proper foundation is an important way to boost the durability of a building. Some builders compromise on the foundation quality. However, others ensure good leveling to make the foundation of the storage building strong and long-lasting.

The best way to avoid building an improper foundation is to check it from all dimensions. If you don’t know how to check the foundation of a prefabricated shed, you can contact portable storage builders near you. Save your maintenance cost by picking a shed or garage with the proper foundation.

Ignoring Local Permits

Homeowners often need to be made aware that there is a need to get local permits in some areas before installing or building a portable shed or garage. If you install your prefab building on your property without a license, be ready to pay heavy fines and penalties.

The need for a permit depends on more than just the area but also the building size. To get confirmation about the need for a license, consult the higher authority of your municipality. Seeking help from professional builders prevents you from legal problems.

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Uses of Portable Storage Buildings

These structures have many other uses despite being referred to as storage structures. Here are a few examples:

Mobile Office Space

A mobile shed can make a great office space if you search for a quiet and peaceful location to work, especially if you have a small business. Being outside your own house also helps to prevent interruptions and distractions.

If your home office is a portable and moveable shed, you will undoubtedly need some advice and useful tips to optimize the space and make the office work for your health. You can find it here if you need advice on handling this.

Extra Room

If it is adjacent to the pool, a movable building can be reconfigured and furnished as a guest room for overnight visitors or as a changing area. Swimmers who visit may also leave their personal belongings there. So that you can enjoy your time here without any worries.


One of the numerous uses for this construction is converting a portable shed into a play area for your kids, especially if you want the main house to stay intact. It is a great place for teenagers to hang out because it has many windows.

Garden Shed

It can also be constructed with the specifics like extra and utilized as a garden or potting shed to arrange plant pots and care for the plants there. Further, It can also act as a supply center for gardens.

Outdoor Storage

Your garage may get cluttered and untidy if you store tools and other items, leaving little to no space for your cars. This structure can house storage, adding to the car parking available, so you have more room for your things.

The following are a few advantages of owning a mobile storage structure:


Unlike tarpaulin or tents, they are as durable as conventional buildings while not having foundations. Storms and hostile environments would not harm them.


Portable storage buildings are inexpensive, perfect for rented space, and also very easy to relocate from one place to another. Unlike ordinary buildings, these are transportable and economical as well.


Portable buildings are constructed in such a way that they fit into the possible available space. With this incredible feature, you do not have to look for additional space because it can be installed anywhere near your home. Moreover, you can choose between a variety of options ranging from style designs and color schemes.

A portable storage building is easy to purchase, install, and use daily. Just like conventional buildings, portable buildings also come with doors and windows. These portable buildings can be in the form of cabins, barns, sheds, and garages. Purchasing a portable building at a cost-effective rate can be advantageous for you in the long term.

If you are still determining which types of portable buildings are perfect for you, feel free to contact us. We have a team of professionals and certified builders who can manufacture any storage building. Our team is here to help you get your dream building within your budget. We provide free consultation services to our customers. With Mission Valley Sheds LLC, you can get custom portable buildings with fine crafting and detailed finishing.

Do you want to know the cost of building portable storage? Call us to get a free estimate.

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