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Garages are essential for any home because they provide a safe and secure area to keep your automobiles, tools, and other items. When creating a garage, homeowners have two options: build from scratch or use a prefabricated garage.


A custom prefab garage is becoming increasingly popular, and many wonder if it is cheaper than building a garage from scratch. In this blog post, we will discover the advantages and disadvantages of prefab garages against traditional garage building to help you decide the most cost-effective choice for your needs. Read on to discover more about the prices and benefits of prefab garages, whether you want to build a new garage or replace an existing one.

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Are prefab garages worth it?

Yes, a prefab garage, also known as a pre-built garage, is worth it. A well-constructed prefab garage is a fantastic addition to your home. But make sure to choose the best prefab builders because most builders can compromise the quality of prefab garages. While this is true in certain circumstances, when you work with a local, reputable prefab garage builder, you will receive high-quality materials, construction, and excellent customer service with a personal touch. So make sure to contact a custom garage company near Kalispell, MT.

We know that you are still confused about the difference between prefab and on-site built garages; the following section will help you to clarify your confusion.

What is the difference between a building garage and a prefab garage?

Many people often require clarification on the difference between a prefab and a built garage. Both types of garages are designed to store cars and other vehicles, as well as protect them and their tools. However, there is a significant distinction between the two. Prefab garages are also known as “portable” or “modular” garages, but if you’ve been looking around, you’ll notice that all of these phrases refer to the same concept. It is a detached garage built offsite by the builder and swiftly installed as a finished unit.

On the other hand, a “built” or “building” garage is another type of garage that is constructed on the site. The residence has a built-in garage on the first floor or grade level, with living space above. In short, these types of garages are built from scratch.

We hope that you have understood the meaning and difference between the two garages. Both types of garages have pros and cons; you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of both types of garages in the next section.

Advantage of on-site built garage

A garage is generally a top choice for many homeowners when building additional home space. A garage can be used as a workspace, storage area, or even a leisure room, providing cover for your automobiles. The following are the advantages of building your garage-

  • Durable

The first advantage of building a garage is that you will get a durable option to store your vehicle, like a car. You will be freed from the tension of storing your vehicle for a long time. Constructing a garage from the ground up will be extremely long-lasting. It includes a foundation, flooring, and other components. Similar to what you’d find in a house under construction by a construction crew

  • Customizable

Yes, this type of garage also has various customizable options. This is the second advantage of opting for the building garage option. This happens because you have opted to build your garage from scratch. You can completely customize your garage, from the design to the materials used to the size and color. Additionally, to meet your vision of how your garage should look,

Disadvantages of on-site built garage

Everything in this world has two sides: positive and negative. Building a garage on-site also has some disadvantages. Below is the list of disadvantages of choosing to build an on-site garage-

  • High in cost

Building a garage from scratch can be the wrong decision if you have a low budget. The cost of constructing a garage is pretty much higher. That is a con that can be awful for you. It will be expensive because you will need a building crew, an architect, an engineer, permits, and many materials. In short, it is not an ideal option for those on a tight budget.

  • The building can take a lot of time

Last but not least, building or constructing a garage takes more time than installing prefab garage builders near Whitefish, MT. Choosing the perfect architect, engineer, and construction crew to work with takes time. Obtaining permits and completing the necessary paperwork for a new addition to your house can also take time, in addition to the length of time required for construction.

Advantages of prefab garage

Prefabricated garages could be the answer you’re looking for. Prefabricated garages, often called prefabs, are produced in a factory and then installed in your home for installation. While some homeowners may hesitate to choose prefab garages due to their pre-built nature, this structure has many advantages. The following are the benefits of purchasing a prefab garage near Columbia Falls, MT:

  • Cheaper

The first advantage of a prefab garage is its lower cost. It is the ideal solution for those looking for a garage at a low cost. You can buy this type of garage for significantly less than the cost of construction or building a new garage from scratch.

A prefab is less expensive than having one built on your land because you don’t have to pay for a construction crew, an architect, and an engineer to build your garage. It only takes you and a few handy buddies to assemble the garage.

  • Easy to install

A prefabricated garage is also easy to install. It does not need a team of constructors or specialized tools. You don’t need special tools or a professional to assemble prefab garages because the sections interlock effortlessly. All you need are the assembly instructions and a few standard tools to get it up and running.

  • Portable

The portability of the prefab garage is another advantage of this garage. Of course, when we say “portable,” we don’t mean that you can pick it up and move it on the spur of the moment, but rather that you can relocate your garage if you move or simply need it in a different area.

  • Install quickly

A prefab garage is ideal for those who need to save their vehicles as soon as possible. This is because it does not take days or weeks to install.

A prefabricated garage needs a concrete pad or stone instead of a whole foundation. This also enables you to erect your garage quickly without waiting on construction time, weather, and other variables that go into a building project.

Disadvantages of a prefab garage

Refabricated garages, or prefab garages, are famous for homeowners searching for an inexpensive and quick alternative for keeping their automobiles or goods. But it also comes with drawbacks. The following are the disadvantages of a prefab garage:

  • Limited in size

The first con of a prefab garage is that it comes in a limited size. A prefab garage may not be the best option if you need a larger, multi-car garage because of the nature of prefab buildings. Before dismissing the concept of a prefab garage for yourself, check with your local prefab garage builders near Hamilton, MT, to see what sizes they offer and to assist you in answering the question of what is a prefab garage.

  • Fewer customizable options

Prefab garage, which you can purchase from prefab garage builders near Libby, MT, comes with a few customizable options. It cannot be the ideal garage type for those looking for a garage with various customizable options.

You can still find customizable garages from most prefab garage builders. Most prefab garage manufacturers will provide a variety of add-ons and customizations. Therefore, whether it’s a few extra windows, a loft, or having your garage insulated, you can still personalize it.

What is the cost of a prefab garage?

 The cost of a prefab garage that you can purchase from a custom garage company near Columbia Falls,  MT differs due to the size and type of the garage. Below is the detail of the cost of a prefab garage-

Single-story, car garage

The price of this type of prefab garage is $7000 to $8000. A garage in this price range is an excellent choice for compact lots and budgets. These modular garages come standard with two windows and a main door, but they still have more than enough space to store a car. While the space of this garage is limited, the design possibilities are not.

Single-story two car garage

The cost of this type of garage ranges from $10000 to $14000. These constructions are among the most popular solutions, with a modular garage in the center of the road. The extra room is usually utilized for a second car or loads of storage, so this size garage is a terrific addition.

Two-story three-car

The price of this type of prefab garage is $18,000 to $20,000 These massive and ambitious components may have the highest modular garage cost, but they deliver a lot of possibilities for the money. Style-wise, the second story’s increased height gives the room and your property a more majestic appearance.

The type of prefab garage mentioned above is just a teaser. You can purchase uncountable types of these garage from a prefab garage near Ronan, MT. but the cost of these garage range between $10000 to $100000 or more.

If you need to clarify the cost of an on-site-built garage, you must read the following section because it will detail the cost of this type of garage.

What is the cost of an on-site-built garage?

It is complicated to estimate the cost of building a garage from scratch because it requires several materials, labor, and other things. But it is a universal truth that it costs more than a prefab garage. A site-built garage costs, on average, $27,000. That cost is for attached garages with one car. The project cost can increase by tens of thousands of dollars if extra features are added, such as finishing the interior or building an apartment above the garage.

It means you must be prepared to spend more if you build a garage from scratch. Moreover, the cost of acquiring permission from government officials and other paperwork can also increase the overall cost of building a garage.

Which material is best for your prefab garage?

If you have decided to purchase a prefab garage, you might need clarification about the best material for your garage. Below are the top 3 types of material used in prefab garages-

Concrete garage

A concrete prefab garage is a wise investment if you have a high budget and want security and longevity because it will outlast all other types of prefab garages and is more resistant to extreme weather.

Metal garage

Metal is also a good option for prefab garage material. Metal garages are typically quick to install so that you won’t be waiting around for installation, and it might save your labor expenditures significantly. A disadvantage of a metal garage is its lack of visual appeal and poor endurance.

Wooden garage

A wood prefab garage is ideal for those who want a traditional look. Wood prefab garages are less expensive than metal and are natural insulators, keeping your prefabricated garage cool in the summer or hot weather and warm in the winter.

When deciding between a custom prefab garage and building a garage from scratch, each option has advantages and disadvantages. While traditional garage construction may provide more personalization options, a prefabricated garage may be a more cost-effective solution. Prefabricated garages are often faster to build, require less labor and materials, and have a more straightforward construction process. Nevertheless, the final cost will be determined by various criteria, including the size, location, and customization options you select. As a result, before making a decision, it is critical to assess your needs and budget. This allows you to choose the most inexpensive and appropriate choice for your needs.

Further, if you want to install a custom prefab garage on your property, you can contact us. We at Mission valley shed build customized garages that will fulfill your needs and come in different sizes, from 20 feet long to 40 feet long.

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