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Custom-Made Garage in Montana

If you plan to build a customized garage on your property, it is essential to understand the local rules and regulations and the zoning laws. For example, if you are planning to build a custom-made garage near Kalispell, MT, you must ensure that it adheres to the design, size, and height as per the zoning laws of Montana. The local government develops the zoning laws in adherence to federal and state statutes. It is done to protect the rights of the property owners in Montana.

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What is the importance of zoning laws?

Zoning aims to protect your rights as a home and property owner while ensuring that your neighbors are not disturbed by the changes you make on your property. When you acquire the necessary permits and ensure that the garage is built according to the zoning laws of the region, your neighbors cannot complain about the size, design, or structure of your garage.

Similarly, the zoning laws protect the property owners against excessive traffic noise, sound pollution, and other disturbances. The zoning laws may prevent you from developing a detached garage precisely per your requirements. However, this will not be true when you hire experts who offer custom-made garage near Whitefish, MT. They will not only ensure that the garage is built according to the zoning laws and acquire the necessary permits to build the garage.

The experts will also ensure that the garage is built sturdily to offer a haven to store your gardening tools, heavy equipment, and other such items along with your cars. Understandably, you will want to put your garage to multiple uses, and hence, it is essential to ensure that you have a sturdy structure built per the local rules and zoning laws. Here is all that you must know about the zoning laws in Montana.

Understanding Montana zoning laws for garage construction

When building a garage detached from the primary property, the first thing you will be required to ensure is that available space on your property. According to the zoning laws in Montana, you can build tiny homes in the state. This means the area open around your property to build a garage is minimal. Here, you need the help of experts who design custom-made garage near Columbia Falls, MT. They will measure the area around your property and ensure the garage is designed to not infringe on your neighbors’ property. At the same time, the garage must be in front of your property so that you can quickly drive into the garage. If you build a garage in your backyard, it will be more of a shed rather than a garage. Hence, the first thing about the zoning laws of Montana that you must understand is to ensure that the size and design of the garage are such that it stays within your property completely. Some of the other factors of the Montana zoning laws that you must adhere to are as follows:

  • Dimensional coverage

The dimensional coverage of a garage is primarily the space occupied by the base of the garage. However, according to Montana zoning laws, you must consider the height of the building when evaluating the garage’s dimensions. For example, if you build a significantly tall garage, you must ensure the awnings or the garage roof does not extend into your neighbor’s property. You will find that when you opt for a custom-made garage near Libby, MT, they will ensure that the height and size of the garage are perfect and as per the zoning regulations.

  • Length of the driveway

This is also essential in understanding the zoning laws for a customized garage. You will find that having a vehicular entrance to your garage is necessary, which can be set back to nearly 20 feet. You must measure this straight line from the driveway to the garage entrance. The garage driveway will extend straight to the road leading to your home.

  • Foundation of the garage

When evaluating the zoning requirements, it is essential to understand the garage’s foundation. The state of Montana has rules regarding the depth of the foundations that you can build. The exterior walls must be set at least 12 inches below the surface. This is essential to ensure that the garage is held firmly onto the ground and that the detached building is not weakened from the foundations. Since a garage is a single-story building, the rules in Montana state that the bottom of the footings must be three feet. This does not come under the zoning requirements, but when you apply for a permit to build a customized garage, it is essential to mention the foundations and the depths to prevent any legal issues in future.


  • Structure of the garage

When it comes to meeting the zoning requirements, it is essential to check the overall structure of the building. According to experts offering custom-made garage near Ronan, MT, the garage’s structure can be of varied designs, but these must adhere to the zoning requirements of your region. You can change the accepted design of a garage to give it a personal touch, but ensure that it is acceptable as per the regulations set up by the local authorities.

The zoning laws in Montana will help you understand the best design for your garage. As you are building the garage as a separate structure, keeping two things in mind is essential. The garage design must be practical and as per your requirements. However, the garage’s size, dimensions, and structure must adhere to the local authorities’ rules and regulations when designing the garage. As a homeowner, you need help understanding the best design for your customized garage. Hence, the second thing you must do is hire experts to help you know the best design for your garage. This way, you will ensure that the garage is built according to the zoning laws and your requirements.

What are the permits required for building custom-made garages?

When building a customized garage, you must acquire the permits from the local authorities. As a homeowner, it is important not to think that since you are making the garage within your property, you do not need any permit. If you make the structure before getting the permit, you will incur unnecessary legal hassle. Even when building a garage, you must adhere to the necessary codes, safety compliances, and zoning requirements. You will need a separate permit for each of these so that the garage you build meets all regulatory requirements. Some of the licenses that you must acquire when you make a customized garage are as follows:

  • Permit for electrical wirings and connections

A garage must have suitable electrical connections to support the doors’ opening and closing. At the same time, you will need a connection to support the lights and other electrical equipment you want to place in the garage. Some of the reasons for this are as follows:

  • Suppose you want the garage to double as a shed where you can practice your hobbies, such as woodwork or repairing electrical and electronic items. In that case, you need suitable electrical connections and outlets. This is essential because you need convenient outlets to plug in your equipment. Without sufficient voltage, the fuse will trip, and you will find that the electricity supply to your home will be affected. Thus, it is essential to understand the electricity supply you need for the garage and apply for a permit.
  • If you discuss your requirements with experts who design custom-made garage near Missoula, MT, they will tell you homeowners often use garages as work as a place where they can go to relax and unwind. When pursuing a hobby and wanting the garage to be your work shed, you must ensure that you have the equipment ready to make it easy to follow. Depending upon the voltage requirements of the equipment you usually use, you must apply to the local board to increase the electricity supply to your home and then draw it to your garage.

When you apply for a permit for increased voltage consumption in your home, you must mention the reason. If it is for the customized garage you want to build, you must ensure that you adhere to the zoning laws of the region. Based on that, the local authorities will give you the permit, and then you can opt for an increased electricity voltage for your home grid. Here, too, you will need the help of experts to understand the voltage limitations, and then you can apply for the permit.

  • Setting up the plumbing lines

Setting up suitable plumbing lines in the garage is necessary. The primary reason for this is when you put the garage to multiple uses. It is essential to ensure a sufficient supply of electricity and water. When building plumbing lines, placing the environment around your home into deliberation is vital. You cannot create plumbing lines as per your requirements. These must extend the existing plumbing lines connected to your home. But it would help if you had the permits to make it easier for the plumbers to work. When you have the necessary permits, they can turn off the main lines and switch them on again once they are laid. Similarly, if your house is in a historic district, you will need additional permits to set up the plumbing lines. Here, it is best to take the help of experts offering a custom-made garage near Hamilton, MT, to understand the additional permits you might require to build the plumbing lines.

When getting the permits to set up the electrical lines, you must ensure that the garage’s electrical load drawn from your home’s grid is within acceptable limits. The zoning laws have rules and regulations regarding the electrical load that you can receive. You can vary it slightly, but you must increase it sparingly. Thus, giving precise details of the electrical load is essential to ensure you get the permits effortlessly.

The same applies to the plumbing lines, as there will be rules regarding the type of plumbing you can set up. Understanding and using the rules is essential to make it easier for you and the experts to identify the best way to get the permits. When you do this, you will get the licenses faster and can proceed with setting up the garage.

How do you ensure your custom garage meets local regulations?

If you want to ensure that the garage meets local regulations, it is essential to check the size and dimensions of the garage. You must first check the size of the property and the land surrounding it when designing the garage. If you do not have significant acreage around your house, you must opt for a smaller garage that fits one car. Such a garage will have minimum requirements when it comes to the supply of electricity and water. Getting the necessary permits to build such a garage will be easier as you will adhere to the required permits.

Suppose you discuss your requirements when you hire a company offering a custom garage near Ponderay, Idaho. In that case, they will tell you that the best way to get the necessary permits to build a customized garage would be to ensure that it is being constructed by the existing zoning laws and the rules set up by the local authorities. This will prevent any issues in future, and you will have your customized garage.

If you want the best custom-made garage near Kalispell, MT, contact us at Mission Valley Sheds LLC. We will help you design the perfect garage for your home and ensure it is done according to the local rules and zoning laws. We will help you understand the multiple uses you can put your garage to, and soon, you will find that it has become an extension of your property.

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