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Attached Vs. Detached Garage

Attached Vs. Detached Garage Comparison Guide

Every homeowner and business person wants a garage to ensure the safe parking of his vehicles. The garage not only ensures secure parking but also provides you with an extra storage option. The majority of homeowners make a garage a key component of the building.

Are you worried about parking your car due to no garage? Well, it’s nothing to get worried about. All you need is to contact custom garage builders. Depending on the area, size, and budget, you can go for an attached or detached garage.

This article will briefly compare the attached and detached garages to help you choose the one.

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Attached Garage vs. Detached Garage

An attached garage is a type of garage that shares a roof, floor, walls, or other structures of a home. Such garages can be in the form of front yards or backyard garages. All attached garages provide an easy exit from the house.

On the other hand, a detached garage is a type of garage that is not directly attached to your home and is in the form of an entirely free-standing building. Your detached garage can be some feet or yards away from your home. Such garages have doors on a path to the home entrance.

Which is Cheaper to Build an Attached or Detached Garage?

After knowing about these two garages, you must consider which suits you. Homeowners usually make decisions based on the cost-effectiveness of garage installation.

In terms of price, an attached garage is cheaper because it saves money using the home’s structures. Consider the drawbacks and benefits of both types of garages before concluding.

Consider all your aims and objectives of getting an attached or detached garage at your property. Every type of garage has some drawbacks associated with its size, area, and property type. Let’s explore the pros and cons of both types of garages to pick the right one for you.

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Pros and Cons of Attached Garages

An attached garage is appropriate if you are looking for a cheaper option. It saves money by adding new components to existing structures rather than creating a new garage.

Pros of Having Attached Garage

The following are some of the potential advantages of attached garages:

  • It helps save money through the presence of existing walls and utility lines.
  • Protects your vehicles from severe climatic conditions.
  • Keeps your yard area useful for storage and parking of vehicles.
  • It keeps you safe from snow, rain, and other weather conditions while entering your car.

Cons of Having Attached Garage

Despite having amazing benefits, an attached garage can be expensive for you if you’re living in an old home or one with a high building permit. Here are some of the drawbacks of having an attached garage:

  • Difficult to fit backyard garages in narrow lots of crowded areas.
  • Have some security risks due to its interior door.
  • It can lower the curb appeal.
  • May pollute indoor air due to garage emissions.

Make sure to consider all your requirements and garage specifications to check if an attached garage is perfect for you.

Pros and Cons of Detached Garage

No worries if your home has no backyard space or lawn for a garage, you can go with the detached garage. Such garages are useful in providing additional protection, storage, and workspace.

Moreover, the cost and advantages of a detached garage are dependent upon the type of property on which you want to have a detached garage. If you need to learn how and where it’s right for you to get a detached garage, contact detached garage builders near Columbia Falls, MT.

Pros of Having a Detached Garage

The following are potential benefits of having a detached garage on your property:

  • Offers flexibility of the place and options of building this garage.
  • It provides the convenience of expanding the detached garage lots.
  • Increases the security of your valuables.
  • Needs comparatively cheaper building permits.
  • Keep pollution and noise away from your home.

Cons of Having a Detached Garage

Let’s have a look at the following drawbacks of a detached garage:

  • Requires large yard space.
  • New utility lines and infrastructure are needed while building a detached garage.
  • Doesn’t protect you from snow and weather while entering your car.


Whether you use an attached garage or a detached garage, you should confirm your building codes and permit values. If you cannot check these codes, contact detached or attached garage builders near Libby, Ronan, & Missoula, MT, according to your requirements.

Is it Cheaper to Buy a Prefab Garage or Build One?

Once you decide on an attached or detached garage, you should look for the next step. If you have limited time, consider getting a prefab garage. But building a garage from the assemblage of material can be a cheaper option for you.

Before deciding whether a prefab garage or building a new one is best for you, let’s look at these types. A prefab garage keeps you away from the hassles of collecting bricks, cement, and other construction material.

Some prefab garages are completely built, while others are partially constructed before delivery to your property. Unlike building a new garage, you only need to fit slabs and components of the garage altogether during installation.

Here we will discuss the potential benefits of installing a prefab garage and building a new one

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Advantages of Installing Prefab Garage

The following are some common advantages you can avail of by getting the installation of a prefabricated garage:


One of the potential benefits of using prefabricated garages is their cost-effectiveness. Its cost is lower than a garage you build using traditional materials like cement and bricks. The main reason for its affordability is that you don’t have to pay for the garage design and construction labor. Install these prefab garages on your property to save money.

Easy to Install

A prefab garage is perfect if you want to avoid noise, pollution, and the long-lasting time of building garages. You do not need to wait for days to construct a garage. You only need a prefab garage delivered to your place in a day or two. Moreover, you can install it on your property easily in a few hours.
Diverse Variety
Another amazing benefit of using a prefabricated garage is its diverse variety. These garages come in a variety of sizes, designs, and colors. If you want a prefab garage, you should contact custom garage builders. It depicts that you can get a custom prefab garage of your own choice in a limited time and at an affordable rate.

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When you build an on-site garage, you can enjoy various amenities. However, it has some drawbacks, like paying heavy construction costs to laborers. But it would help if you explored the following advantages of building an on-site garage to choose the one:


Building an on-site garage from scratch allows you to make everything according to your wish. If you keep a check and balance on every step of construction from the design of the garage, your final outlook of an on-site built garage will be exactly like your dream garage. Make your garage customized by creating it on your property from materials.


Compared to a prefabricated garage, it’s more durable because on-site garage building makes the building foundation properly rooted in the garage land. When your garage has a strong foundation, it can withstand a long time. Enjoy the overall amazing durability of on-site building garages.

Size Flexibility

Another great advantage of building an on-site garage is its sizing flexibility. You make an on-site garage from the use of a prebuilt garage. Get the construction of your prebuilt garage to enjoy a more durable option.

Overall, there are various factors to consider while selecting a prefabricated garage or an on-site building garage. The ultimate choice of a garage depends upon your storage needs, property layout, garage design, and budget.

Irrespective of the garage type, we use high-quality, durable construction material. We offered various long-lasting options for flexible and customized garages. Feel free to contact custom garage builders for accurate and precise garage design.

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Well, the answer to this question depends on the materials used for building the garage, its size, and the design complexity of the garage. It’s believed that buying custom garage kits is cheaper than standing a building in front of you from scratch.

Besides cost-effectiveness, another advantage of using a garage kit is a quick and easy installation from the material already in the kit. This kit also comes with complete detailing on how to assemble materials for building a garage. Moreover, all the tools and accessories of the equipment are properly drilled to make building projects effective.

Having a garage kit is enough for the construction of a garage. You don’t need to accumulate tools, lumber, bricks, or cement-like accessories. Contrary to the use of garage kits, building from scratch is a time-consuming process. You also need a building code and permit to make a garage from your purchased material.

Building a garage without a kit requires professional laborers and experts to make its construction and purchasing process smooth and complete. The factors leading to the high-cost estimation of garage building from materials involve labor cost, materials purchase, permit expenses, and others.

Factors To Consider While Choosing a Garage


The cost of getting a garage on your property is the most important factor. For example, you must bear 15% more expenses in constructing a detached garage than an attached one. This cost increases due to the need for new electricity and plumbing lines in the detached garage. Moreover, you can save half of your labor cost by choosing a prefab garage or a garage kit.

DIY Installation

Another important factor you should consider is its easy installation. Whether you hire contractors or install a garage on your own, the installation time of an attached garage is comparatively less than a detached garage because both the material and labor costs can be saved by using house walls in building attached garages.


If you want to keep the expansion ability of your garage, consider a detached garage. Expanding an attached garage is not convenient because of its direct attachment to the house. If there is a need for more space to park or store more vehicles and accessories, you can go for the expansion of a detached garage.


Security is a crucial factor in the installation of a garage. Therefore, you should always prefer a garage with an attached door that is properly secure and functional. Avoid connections increasing the risk of fire catching in the home or garage by making secure connections.

Easy Accessibility

Homeowners should also consider their convenience and ease of accessibility of the garage at any time. For instance, you will have difficulty going to a detached garage of your property in heavy rain. Make sure to figure out this convenience to stay protected from harsh weather conditions.

Final Words

Choosing a garage to build or buy is a challenging task. You must consider various factors such as cost, DIY installation, expansion, security, and accessibility. Garage kits are a great way to ensure cost-effectiveness and quick installation. However, building a garage from scratch is a better choice if you want to get more features and control. Whatever you decide to do, ensure it meets your requirements and budget in the long run.

Moreover, if you are looking for reliable garage builders near you, look no further than Mission Valley Sheds LLC, as we provide high-quality products and services to our customers. Our certified experts can build or install all types of garages in all conditions. We make a custom garage for you and ensure your expenses are minimal.

Call us at (406) 499-0396 to get a free estimate for custom garage building costs!

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