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Barn garage

Modern luxury homes with large lots often have garages that look like barns. The style gets its name because it looks like the midwestern decor.

A Barn garage makes the most of the space inside, and the outside is sleek and customizable. You can park one, two, three, or more cars on most floor plans. You can park cars, trucks, trailers, RVs, tractors, and other heavy vehicles.

The gambrel roof makes it possible to store tall vehicles and machinery. Also, there is more space to store things on the upper level. Most people who own their homes always look for new ways to store things. Garages built in a barn style can be used for storage or turned into work areas.

Another consideration is turning the upper level into a loft or studio unit. You can get some of your money back if you rent out the garage or charge rent to an adult child who moves back in with you.

A barn-style garage can be used for many things, like storing extra cars or making room for a home office or hobby workshop. People like the idea of building a barn-style garage because it can be set up in many different ways.

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What is a barn garage?

Barn garages are versatile buildings used to park your car or as a place for guests to stay. You can build a barn garage to keep your cars safe and sound. Usually, a loft or two above it can be used as a bedroom or for other things.

Here are some things that make a barn garage what it is.

  • Large loft

Most barn garages have a loft above them that can be used to store tools or turned into a small place to live. Farmers and ranchers usually had their workers live in the barn or use the room to store hay.

  • Gambrel roof

The high position of the gambrel roof makes it possible to park a big car inside and store tools. This type of barn roof has shingles on both sides and a slight slope on top of a high slope. The shingles on the barn roof could only be seen from the sides of the building. Because the roof is at such a steep angle, rain or snow slides off instead of piling up on top.

  • Large plot of land

On more extensive properties, a barn garage is a typical building. This kind of garage is common in rural areas because tools and animals need a safe, weatherproof place to stay.

  • The number of garage bays

During the building process, the number of garage spots in a barn garage can be changed. Even if you don’t have that many cars, you can still use a three-car garage to store tools and garden supplies.

  • Foundation on a slab

A Barn garage is built on a concrete slab instead of a basement or crawlspace. Because the slab is made of thick concrete, it won’t break when your car is on it. By building up, you can add square footage to a home without having to dig a basement.

There are many benefits to barn-style garages

It would help if you considered the pros and cons of turning an existing building into a storage shed or building a new one on the site. Because they are so helpful, barn-style garages are becoming increasingly popular as a home improvement.

Houses that don’t cost much

A great way to save money on housing is to turn a barn-style garage into a place to live. You’re putting two things (living and storage space) into one building. Living in a barn-style garage may reduce your space, but it can save you money and keep you from paying HOA fees.

Building up quickly

Does it only take two weeks to build a standard barn dominium? Plans from contractors are usually already made and need to be put together on the job site unless you’re building a custom barn-style garage. This means it is much easier to move into a new home than a traditional one.

Less Maintenance

Metal is most often used to make Barn garage. Both wooden and metal buildings have pros and cons, but one of the best things about them is how easy they are to keep up. After the garage is built, there is little to do to keep it in good shape.

Made it last longer

Metal buildings are solid and can stand up to all kinds of harsh weather. Metal garages are also much less likely to catch fire, which is a nice bonus. Many builders now use eco-friendly materials in their projects, making them a good choice for people who want less of an effect on the environment.

How does a pole barn vary from a garage?

Building a garage might take a lot of planning, and that’s okay. So, this guide help you find the best garage for your needs. You can be sure that you’re making the best choice possible, and with help, you can get on with your project immediately. So, between traditional garage and pole barn garage, which do you like better and why? Your needs and how much money you have should help you decide.

What’s a Pole Barn?

A large, open building with a high ceiling and no basement is usually called a pole barn or pole building in agriculture. Most construction workers today use the term “post-frame building” to refer to a building whose frame is made of laminated wood posts.

Roof trusses and laminate posts are engineered materials that have already been made. They help build a long-lasting, cost-effective building that can be anything from a garage or workshop to a storefront, event centre, equestrian stable, or even a primary home.


Garages are built the same way they have been for a long time. First, a foundation is built, and then the wood-framed garage is built. These garages are known for being strong and durable because they are built with traditional frame methods on a graded concrete foundation. Some people like the look of a job done by hand, even though it takes more time and costs more money.

Garages vs. Pole Barn Garages

If you know the difference between the two, you can choose the one that fits your needs best.

What’s good about a pole barn garage?

Construction: Building with a pole barn kit takes less time and work, and a smaller crew can do it. Post frames are great for quickly building garages because they don’t require the time-consuming framing process for traditional garages.

Cost: Pole barn garages are the best choice for people who want a strong building that won’t break the bank. Since this cutting-edge, eco-friendly design doesn’t need foundations, you’ll be able to save more than 15% on your building costs.

Durability: A pole barn garage is as substantial as the most durable buildings. Because they can stand up to rain, sleet, snow, and wind, they are great for any terrain.

Space: With 8 feet of space between the wooden posts, you’ll have plenty of room to move around inside and plenty of room to put in garage doors and windows. The 8- to 16-foot-high ceilings are perfect for people who need to store heavy equipment and cars.

What’s good about garage?

Walls: Because of how it was built, a garage often has an 8-foot ceiling. If you want a more enclosed garage and add rooms in the future, consider the pros of this closed-off layout.

Aesthetics: Your garage shows what you like and how you like things to look. If you want your whole house to look the same, garages make more sense than their more modern counterparts.

After weighing the pros and cons of different garage options, most people decide a pole barn garage is a best and most cost-effective choice.

Is it less expensive to construct a garage or pole barn?

In a nutshell, pole barns are cheaper to build than garages. This is primarily because of post-frame construction, which is a simple but highly engineered way to build with wood frames. This means that the building’s frame comprises substantial wooden pillars (columns) 8 feet apart and joined and interlocked.

These poles are at least 4 feet below ground level for support. A basement or concrete slab can be added for extra stability, but it is unnecessary. This makes them more cost-effective since you can often save 15% on building costs just by using a concrete foundation. Most of their parts are also already made, which cuts down on construction time and costs.

Pole barns are cheap, but they also have many other benefits:

  • Almost any material can be used to cover a pole barn’s outside.

With the help of the huge poles, heavy loads of wind, rain, and snow are spread out on the ground. This cuts down on the time and money needed to build something while making it more robust than other systems that use more materials.

For the same reason, building an addition on the outside is more accessible and can be made to look like any style of architecture.

  • They can be put together faster than other methods.

Pole barns need parts that have already been made, which are then taken to the building site and put together. The project is safer if there are fewer parts and less time and people are spent working on the site. Building a pole barn takes less time and requires fewer materials than a regular garage.

  • It can be less wasteful of energy.

Because the poles can be more prominent and further apart, more insulation can be used to keep the shed warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and dry in the winter and spring. This will help you save money on heating, cooling, and getting rid of the humidity over time.

If you need a garage for a big car or boat, you can put in extra-large doors and windows by putting the poles in this way.

  • Easy to change to fit the needs of any project

This building style can be used for many things, like homes, businesses, factories, farms, warehouses, and more. You won’t have to worry about running out of space in your garage because they can be made to any width and height.

  • Not requiring the building of any barriers.

Wooden poles give these buildings a lot of support so they can be made as open shelters instead of closed ones like most garages. Pole barns are a great choice if your project needs a large, open space, like a carport.

  • Site flexibility

Since there is no need for a continuous foundation, the site can be moved around as needed, and it will only matter as much if the ground is perfectly flat. Other buildings cost more because they need a lot of work done to the site, but pole barns don’t need that kind of work because of their shape.

  • Superior durability

Since the post-frame method uses more significant pieces, the bigger they are, the longer they will last.

  • There is no need for building permits.

In rural areas, Licensed barn builders near Kalispell, MT can now design and look over building plans for pole sheds up to 110 square meters without needing Building Consent.

In the end, pole barns are better than other types of buildings in terms of cost and long-term use. They are easy to build and can be changed to fit various outside conditions, like different soils or weather, in less time and with fewer materials.

To conclude,

Barn garages are an excellent choice for people who need more space to store things. These barns can be changed to fit your needs and come in various sizes. Mission Valley Sheds, barn builders near Libby, MT, is where you need a barn built. Contact us right away to learn how we can help you build the barn of your dreams. We promise that our work will be done well and that you will be happy with your new barn. See how we can help you get the custom barn you’ve always wanted.

Call us at (406) 499-0396 for a free consultation and estimate of your project.

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