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Living in a cabin shed can be an appealing option for those seeking a simpler, more sustainable way of life. A cabin shed is a small, rustic structure that can be used as a dwelling and is frequently built with basic amenities such as electricity, plumbing, and heating. While it may not be for everyone, living in a cabin shed has several advantages.

In this blog post, we’ll go over the ins and outs of living in a cabin shed, including what to think about before moving, the benefits and drawbacks of this lifestyle, and some tips for making it work. Living in a cabin shed is ideal if you want to downsize, simplify your life, or try something new.

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What's the difference between a log cabin and a shed?

Most people often get confused between a log cabin and a shed cabin because both structures are used to store things. But there are several critical benefits between a log cabin and a shed. The following are the top critical differences between a log and a shed:

Framework and cladding

The framework and cladding of a log cabin and a shed are relatively different. A good shed is constructed of a shiplap tongue and groove. The cladding should be at least 10-20mm thick to protect against the elements while remaining lightweight enough to move around quickly if necessary.

The quality of the shed differs due to the supplier’s decision. But panel sheds are among the most common type of shed that a majority of suppliers supply.

Panel sheds are typically factory-assembled and delivered as such. One drawback is that panel sheds might not pass through doors or arches with top bars. However, log cabins can pass through these entrances without any issues due to the location’s height restrictions.


Thickness is another crucial factor that differentiates the log cabin and shed. Remember, log cabin or shed thickness can be good because it ensures durability and quality.

A shed slab is typically 150mm (6 inches) thick and has one layer of reinforcing mesh. On the other hand, each log’s thickness determines the wall’s overall thickness, which can range between 28mm and 120mm.


Indeed, the primary use of a log cabin and shed cabin is storing other things. But both construction can be used for different types of purposes. And this factor differentiates both.

Log cabins can be converted into classrooms, gyms, therapist and doctor’s offices, or beauty salons. On the other hand, Sheds store tools and equipment for the home and garden, such as lawn tractors and gardening supplies. Sheds can also store items unsuitable for indoor storage, such as gasoline, pesticides, or herbicides.

We hope you understand the key difference between a log cabin and a shed. Now let us move to the main point: whether you can live in a cabin shed by purchasing cabin sheds near Columbia Falls, MT.

Can you live in a cabin shed?

The answer to this question is “Yes”. There are several circumstances in which you are allowed to live in a shed or a cabin shed. The following are some of them:

  • You want to build an investment shed to house vacationers and supplement your income.
  • You’ve purchased a plot of land and are awaiting the construction of your primary residence.
  • You want to increase your home’s living space to accommodate visitors, teenagers, or elderly parents.
  • You own a plot of land and are looking for a low-cost housing option.

No matter your cause for living in a cabin shed, it can be the ideal solution. Now, the question is how you will convert your cabin shed by purchasing a cabin shed from a cabin shed for sale near Missoula, MT.  The following section will help you know how to turn your cabin shed into a livable one.

How to convert a cabin shed into a livable cabin shed?

Many people are considering cabin sheds a cost-effective and versatile alternative to traditional homes. With imagination and elbow grease, you can quickly transform a basic cabin shed into a cozy and comfortable living space. Below are some simple steps to follow to convert your cabin shed into a livable cabin shed:

A new coat of paint

The first and simple step to converting your shed into a livable space is adding a new coat of color. It is easier than painting a log cabin or a regular house because of its size. With proper preparation, you can complete this painting project at a weekend because most sheds are small. If the shed is far enough away from the house or a log cabin, the shed can have its own color schemes, such as warm pastels or flower-like shades. Otherwise, match your house’s or log cabin’s color scheme to avoid clashing.

Add a window to the sky

The cabin shed particularly has a small window because of its size. Adding a window to the sky in your cabin shed can effectively bring more light to the shed. Install a skylight window in your shed to let in some much-needed light and moonlight in the evenings. Some skylight windows can be opened to let fresh air in, allowing you to close the door and enjoy a few hours of privacy.

Install insulation

Installation of insulation is also necessary if you are planning to stay in a cabin shed. Insulation is used to keep heat from escaping the home in the winter and heat from entering the home in the summer. In short, it can help you to improve comfort in a  shed or cabin shed.

Add AC or heater

You might think that why you must add AC or heater as insulation is already adding a level of comfort. You might be mistaken this time because the insulation is suitable for mild weather conditions but cannot handle extreme weather conditions.

A small air conditioner or heater may be required for your shed, so make sure you have enough room to install one. This will help you to prevent extreme weather conditions.

Install better lighting

Every cabin shed has a single or small light because the primary reason for having a shed or cabin shed is to store things in it. But you must add more lights to your cabin shed if you are considering living there.

Install overhead lights and lamps to help illuminate the space for hobbies, reading, and studying. If you intend to use the space in the evening, you may also want to install an outdoor light.

Add some basic furniture

Most cabin shed does not have a number of basic furniture because house members only spend a few hours in it. Typically, a cabin shed has a few numbers of chairs, tables, or lamps., But if you are thinking of living in a cabin shed, you must consider enhancing the count of furniture to enhance your comfort.

You must consider adding a single bed, almirah, and other items of furniture to add a sense of comfort. We recommend looking for old pieces that can be reclaimed and restored or building your own furniture based on your needs.

Add comfort flooring

Typically, cabin sheds have lousy quality flooring that is not durable and comfortable. It is essential to add comfortable flooring while moving to cabin sheds near Ronan, MT.

 Install more resilient flooring, such as carpet, tile, or cork, or you can also place rugs on the floor for extra comfort. However, wooden flooring can also be ideal but remember that moisture and mold can become a problem if the floor isn’t properly protected.

We hope you understand how to make a cabin shed. If you still think living in a cabin shed is not a good idea, you must read the next section to learn the advantages of living in a cabin shed.

Advantages of living in a cabin shed

Cabin sheds are a unique and affordable way to create a comfortable, sustainable, and natural living space. Living in a cabin shed can be excellent whether you want a weekend getaway, a permanent residence, or a unique way to downsize. The following are the top advantages of living in these structures:

  • Affordability

The first benefit of living in a cabin shed is that it is more affordable than other housing options. Remember, a typical home can take a large amount of investment to build. You can buy a ready-made cabin shed, build one yourself, or work with a company to have one custom-made to meet your requirements. Fewer materials, a smaller surface layer, and indoor construction with no weather threats make tiny house construction much less expensive and quicker than traditional home construction.

  • Easy to furnish

Furnishing a big or traditional house takes a lot of effort and money because the area of a traditional house is comparatively more extensive than a cabin shed. That is why the second benefit of living in a cabin shed is that it is easy to furnish.

A cabin shed requires far less furniture; therefore, furnishing it is much cheaper. A tiny house’s furniture must be multi-functioning and serve multiple purposes.

  • Environment friendly

Owners who are looking for a more ecologically friendly home will be delighted to discover how they can minimize their carbon footprint by living in a compact house. For the truly adventurous, you might choose or build a tiny home that can exist totally off the grid. This means that you can build your cabin shed according to your needs. This is not the end; living in a cabin sheds near Whitefish, MT, has uncountable benefits that are almost impossible to cover in a section.

Now, if you have decided to move into it by purchasing a shed from a cabin shed for sale near Kalispell, MT, you must read the next section because it will help you to prepare to move into a cabin shed.

Top things to consider before moving into a cabin shed

Living in a cabin shed can help simplify your life, save money on housing, and connect with nature. Nevertheless, the following are things you must consider before moving into a cabin shed-

Living in a cabin shed requires permission

Indeed, living in a cabin shed is a legal thing. But you must require to take permission from a govt official in some cases. If you want to connect water, sewer, and power to your shed and become a full-time residence, you’ll need to go through a more complex permission process before it’s authorized.

Connect water

Water is frequently the most straightforward utility to obtain in your shed, though it is costly. There are several ways to do that. Typically, your alternatives are to connect directly to city water or to drill a well. Depending on the depth required, a well will cost between $2,000 and $25,000.

Find sewer access

While you can usually connect an accessory shed to water and electricity, you can add a flush toilet once your shed is designated as a residence. If there is no public sewer system available, you will almost certainly need to establish a septic system.

Living in a cabin shed can provide a unique and fulfilling way of life for those willing to embrace a simpler, more rustic way of life. While it may not be suitable for all humans, it has many advantages such as lower living costs, less environmental impact, and the opportunity to connect with nature. Before making a move, it is critical to carefully consider factors such as zoning laws, building codes, and access to basic amenities such as water and electricity. However, with some planning and preparation, living in a cabin shed can be a rewarding experience that allows you to live more sustainably and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Now, if you are looking for ways to build a cabin shed for yourself, then look no further. We at Mission valley sheds build custom cabin sheds on your property that will perfectly suit your needs.

For more details about cabin sheds near Missoula MT, you can reach out to us at 406-499-0396.

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