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Garden Shed As the Best Outdoor Storage Solution

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough storage space for your spades, trowels, shears, gloves, lawnmowers, and the like? You have all those tools scattered around the yard, making it hard to find what you need when you need it

That’s where a garden shed comes to the rescue!

A garden shed (aka outdoor storage shed) is a small, standalone structure that provides a designated place to store all your outdoor stuff while adding some character to your backyard.

It’s much more than an ordinary storage house. Portable storage sheds are truly intimate spaces that add a defining element to your garden and also provide a snug, peaceful escape from your schedule-crammed life – where you commune with nature.

As a trusted outdoor storage shed builder in Missoula, MT area, we’ve seen people going to great lengths to add a touch of personality and make it suit their needs.

So, in the article, we’ll share the prime benefits of a garden shed as the best outdoor storage solution, as well as tips to choose the right one, and how to maintain it.

Let’s get down to the basics first.

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What defines a garden shed?

A garden shed is a small structure, typically made of wood or metal, and used for storing outdoor household and garden items. They are also a go-to solution for the storage of items that don’t fit in the garage or basement. An outdoor storage shed with a floor is not only practical but can also enhance the aesthetics of your garden and add value to your property.

Types of garden sheds

There are many different types of garden sheds, each with its own unique set of features and characteristics. Here are a few common types:

Wooden sheds

Wooden sheds are the most classic and most cherished shed because they are the most customizable type and are often available in larger sizes. Wooden outdoor storage sheds can be erected in any type of environment: yearlong snowfall or periods of high winds. You can paint them in any color to match the exterior of your home and spruce them up with cupolas or flower boxes for additional aesthetic value. Moreover, you can add custom shelving units and cabinets in the wooden shed to maximize the storage space.

Metal sheds

These sheds are made of steel or aluminum and are popular for their durability and low maintenance requirements. They are also affordable for budget-conscious people. Steel storage sheds are easier to assemble and typically come with active/passive built-in vents. systems. Moreover, these sheds can be laid down on any flat surface and are fire-retardant. Metal’s durable feature and a galvanized layer underneath protect the shed from weather elements like rust and corrosion, allowing manufacturers to provide buyers with long warranties.

Custom sheds

These sheds are built to your specific needs and can be customized in a variety of ways, such as size, style, material, and features. You can have different doors, roof styles, and cabinets in your shed and have them painted with your favorite colors. Additionally, you can also ask the shed manufacturer to add foot support or not.

Mission Valley Sheds LLC offers lofted-barn-style sheds and backyard gable-style sheds to its customers. You can ask us to customize your new shed in different sizes – from 8′ by 12′ to 16′ by 40′.

Call us today to ask about outdoor storage shed customization in Kalispell, Ronan, and Missoula, MT.

Portable Sheds

These sheds are designed to be easily moved and are a good option for those who may need to relocate their shed in the future. You can customize portable storage sheds in Ronan, MT to your own preferences and also ask for rent-to-own options from vendors/manufacturers.

The basic elements of a great garden shed

A garden shed, regardless of its size and storage units, must have a few essential elements to make it look like the ones you see in fancy magazines and on Instagram.

Some people avoid adding windows to their garden sheds just to save money. However, windows are incredibly useful in providing natural air and filtering more light into the interior. You can choose to place windows on higher shed walls to allow more light without compromising on storage space.

Door styles also add convenience and curb appeal to your outdoor storage sheds. You can choose from single or double, sliding doors to hinge-hung swinging doors that don’t need much wall space. Make sure that your doorway is at least 4 to 6 feet wide so that bulky lawn equipment can fit through easily. Also, ensure to add entry steps or ramps at doorways for wheeling heavy equipment in and out.

Roof Shape Matters
The shape of the shed’s roof defines its style and interior volume. You can choose from the following different types of roof shapes:

  • Gable: High-peaked roofs made by placing two equal roof planes sloping down on either side of a straight ridge. This type of roof offers more headroom and extra overhead storage.
  • CatSlide: The backside of this roof slopes down to within a few feet of the ground to offer more floor space.
  • Simple shed roof: This type of shed allows storage space for lots of garden gear while leaving a compact look. It features a high backside that nestles against a taller wall forming a shelter.
  • Gambrel: It features a classic barn-roof profile that offers lots of volume up top without the need for taller walls.
  • Flat: A roof with little or no pitch and maximizes interior headroom.

Interior headroom and floor space
Your outdoor storage shed must be spacious enough to meet your storage needs as well as have extra space so you can move around easily without bumping into things. So whether you’re building your own outdoor storage shed in Kalispell, MT, or purchasing a built-in one, always calculate the space you will need before you get started.

Contact us to get a free estimate for pre-built or custom shed building costs.

How to use a garden shed for outdoor storage needs?

Since a garden shed provides a designated space for outdoor storage and keeps your yard and home clutter-free, there are many ways you can use it. Here are some tips:

Hide bulky, unattractive lawn equipment
Your storage shed can store much more than those small gardening tools. You can also hide bulky, yard maintenance gear like lawn mowers, weed whackers, and alike that are hard to store neatly and look unattractive in your yard.

Store garage or basement items
A garden shed provides additional storage space for garage or basement items if you don’t have enough space there. This can help you keep your yard and home clutter-free. You can buy a hanging organizer for your shed to organize essential gardening or DIY tools that fix every problem. Your hanging organizer can store everything from your gardening gloves, and clippers, to twine, seed packets, plant spray, fertilizers, etc. You may also add wall hooks to hang shovels and other gardening tools.

Organize pool toys or other kid’s toys in baskets
You can store your little tots’ pool or gardening toys in the storage shed to declutter their room. There’s a simple yet extremely effective organizing idea that you can use to store the toys. Use a few lightweight plastic bins in different colors to store the assortment of toys. These bins are stackable, and perforated so that no water or dirt remains in the toys.

Make it your backyard office
A garden can also serve as a backyard art or photography studio or home office where you can work in a quiet space. You can put your office desk near the window, install an electrical package and give it some finishing touches.

Yard Accent
Your garden shed can be used as a yard accent if you choose to make it in different styles with fancy roofing, shutter, windows, and doorway. You can design a sharp building and add some landscaping around it to make your shed the talk of the town. A well-designed shed with some plants around it can tenfold your garden’s look.

A perfect retreat
As much as the garden shed is used for storage purposes, it can also become your favorite retreat to escape from daily chaos. Simply organize a dedicated space where you can sit back and relax. A comfy couch with a lamp, a small side table, hanging lights, books, coffee, and you.

How to choose the best garden shed

outdoor storage shed

When choosing a lifetime outdoor storage shed, it’s important to consider the following factors to ensure that you get the best shed for your needs:

  • Size and layout: Make sure to measure the area where you want to place your shed to ensure that you get a shed that will fit. Consider the size of your garden tools and equipment and make sure the shed is large enough to accommodate everything.
  • Material: Choose a material that is durable, long-lasting, and suitable for your local climate. Wooden sheds are a classic choice, but metal or plastic sheds may be more suitable for certain climates.
  • Style: Consider the style of your home and choose a shed that complements it. You can choose from traditional, modern, and rustic styles.
  • Budget: Determine your budget and look for a shed that fits within it. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of any additional features or customization you may want.
  • Location and accessibility: Think about where you want to place your shed and choose a location that is level, well-draining, and easily accessible.
  • Purpose: Consider what you will be using your shed for and choose a shed that meets your needs. For example, if you plan on using your shed as a workshop, you may want to choose a shed with more windows for natural light and ventilation.

Maintenance and care for your garden shed

Maintaining and caring for your storage shed in Libby, MT is imperative to ensure its longevity so it can continue to serve as a useful storage space for years to come.

Here are some tips:

  • Clean and organize regularly: Keep your garden shed clean and organized by sweeping the floor and wiping down surfaces regularly. Use shelves, bins, and other storage solutions to help keep items organized and easy to find.
  • Protect from weather and pests: To protect your garden shed from weather damage, make sure to use high-quality, weather-resistant paint or finish on the exterior. You can also use a tarp or other protective cover to shield your shed from rain and snow. To protect against pests, use sealant to fill any cracks or openings and keep the shed clean and well-maintained.
  • Keep it locked: If you store valuable or sensitive items in your garden shed, make sure to keep them locked to prevent theft or tampering.
  • Repair or replace parts as needed: If you notice any damage or wear and tear on your garden shed, make sure to repair or replace the affected parts as soon as possible. This can help to prevent further damage and extend the life of your shed.

Hire professionals to build your dream shed in less time

Whether you need an already-built shed kit that has work areas and shelves or you want to build a custom shed with more storage space and aesthetic appeal, contact Mission Valley Sheds LLC. We’ll create a perfect custom outdoor shed to fit your yard size and your budget. All you need is to decide on your choices.

Contact us to get a free estimate for pre-built or custom shed building costs.

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